Donations To Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

In August 2018, the state of Kerala was hit with severe floods due to unusually high rainfall. People from all places offered monetary and non-monetary aid to the people who were affected by one of the worst floods in Kerala in nearly a century. Donations poured in as even E-Commerce operators took the initiative of collecting donations, tying up with several relief organizations. Operators like Amazon India and BigBasket tied up with relief organizations like Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Goonj and Oxfam India.

If you donated, Dont forget to claim the deduction under section 80G.

One such platform that was used for making donations was Paytm. Many people used Paytm to donate money directly to Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. It is reported that Paytm collected a whooping Rs. 30 Crores from over 12 lakh users. It is amazing how all of us stood for each other in the time of distress. Now, a year has passed, and our act of humanity has turned back to help us reduce our tax liability! All donations that were made to Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund are allowed as a deduction completely (100%).

This article is on popular demand as many people wanted to know how they could download the original donation certificate. We will be looking specifically at donations made from Paytm app as it was the most used platform.

Step 1: Head to your order history in your Paytm app and identify the donation transaction.

Step 2: Choose the download invoice option and download the invoice for reference.

Step 3: Head to

Step 4: Choose Paytm as channel through which the payment was made.

Step 5: You'll have to fill details like Name, Mobile Number, The amount you donated, Paytm Order Date and Order ID. All the details are available in the Invoice we download earlier.

Step 6: Once the details are filled click on submit. If all the details are accurate you will see the image below.

Click on the download option to get your original donation certificate!

And that is it! Once you click on download you will get the donation certificate in a .pdf file which you can keep it for your record and for claiming deduction under section 80G as well. Do not forget, You are eligible for a 100% deduction for every donation you have made to this fund! Don't wait no more, Get your certificate right now!

Your Donation Certificate will look like this!

If you wish to know more about deductions, follow the link below!

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